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Why offer products instead of just donations?
Why offer products instead of just donations?
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At MoneyDolly, we believe in the concept of there being something for everyone. That means having a variety of options for every potential supporter that visits your campaign pages.
So while non-MoneyDolly campaigns can get stale and boring by being donation-only or having a single product type, with MoneyDolly, you don’t have to make a new big decision from one campaign to the next. You can offer multiple product types (Products, Events or Donations) and a seemingly limitless number of products.
And yes, while there are costs of goods associated with selling products, the data is clear: Offering the option of products enables your Campaigners to have a consistently fresh and more comfortable fundraising experience - enabling both immediate and long term success. And for your Supporters, giving them options means not turning anyone away who wants something gifted in return for their contribution, thereby leaving money on the table.

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