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Why can't my card be used by multiple people at one time?
Why can't my card be used by multiple people at one time?

Customers wondering if they multiple people can use a card at the same time.

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When a customer purchases a digital gold card, they have the ability to transfer that card to someone else. However, both people are not able to access the card at the same time. Once the card has been transferred, it is no longer in the original purchasers' wallet.

Please keep in mind that there are many companies involved in the creation of these cards. First, the group that is selling these cards as part of their fundraiser, appreciate your support - so thank you for that! Second, there is a local fundraising rep that has taken the time to contact and work directly with local merchants in your area to create this awesome card! It takes a long time to set up. And lastly, the merchants that chose to participate on the card, many of whom are local small business owners, want to make sure that only supporters of the fundraiser get access to their special discount offer. This is how the merchant shows their support to the groups fundraising! At this time, we don't have the ability to share the cards with multiple people (or send back and forth) to protect all that are involved in this process.

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